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Shannon's character development (requested by anon)


Ben Linus + guns being held up to his head

You just make friends everywhere you go, don’t ya?

LOST // Breaking Bad parallels 

Of course, if I was one of them, these people that you seem to think are your enemies, what would I do?


Jack Shephard has done what he came to this place to do. He has found his purpose. He has found love. And been loved. And he has finally found a way to love himself. The bamboo sways across the bleu sky. And Jack Shephard’s eye closes one final time. He is gone.


all the things i ship ★ james ‘sawyer’ ford and kate austen

i never cared about having carte blanche because i just wanted to spend some time with the only other person on this island that just don’t belong.

"As for the women, they just might be the strongest, bravest, wisest female characters to grace a major network screen since Cagney and Lacey." [x]

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