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hurley just threw his hot pocket

That’s it, that’s the height of the show.


LOST 1x05: White Rabbit

I’m chasing something—someone. The white rabbit. Alice in Wonderland. Yeah, wonderland, because who I’m chasing—he’s not there. But you see him? Yes. But he’s not there. All right, then. You’re hallucinating. But what if you’re not? Then we’re all in a lot of trouble.


The biggest love-square in the history of love-squares.

LOST  ≈  M i n i m a l i s t




LOST meme  [3/10] themes

"The cool thing about the Island is that the Island can sort of conjure up these images of great importance from your life. Then the characters on the show have to sort of deal with the consequences. Those visions often provide tests, and those tests are right along the axis of what is important for the character.” - Carlton Cuse

Claire found the bottle. The one with the messages inside. The one from the raft.

”[…] I should have been in Fiji in less than a week. But the first piece of land I saw wasn’t Fiji, was it? No. No, it was here — this, this island. And you know why? Because this is it. This is all there is left. This ocean and this place here. We are stuck in a bloody snow globe. There’s no outside world. There’s no escape.

Awhile ago, I was in this kind of psych ward and there was this guy, Leonard. All the time I knew him,all he ever said were these numbers. “4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42”. Over and over and over again.